The RockStarts® Curriculum is active and interactive, and often guides students through large movements including jumping, spinning, running, and gentle tumbling.  Although many risks can be avoided, I understand that not all risks can be and release RockStarts® from responsibility for any injury that my child might incur during the course of the classes.  In the extremely rare event of a medical emergency, my child's center will follow its own procedures for obtaining medical assistance and I release RockStarts® Atlantic, LLC from any liability or responsibility thereto.

In consideration of participation in the RockStarts® weekly classes, on behalf of myself, my family, my heirs, and my assigns, I hereby release RockStarts® Atlantic, LLC, and any of its licensors, agents, contractors, and employees from liability for injury, loss, or death to the above-mentioned participant while using any facility or equipment or in any way associated with participating in the RockStarts® classes now or in the future.