Ages 0-5

This action-packed 24-month curriculum uses 104 unique "set lists" to teach something new each week! Familiar favorites are mixed with the proven excitement of new songs each week to create a fine-tuned blend of old and new, and the material gets deeper as the children grow. Music, movement, life lessons and geography merge in this interactive experience!


Ages 5-8

Now it’s time to shine! Children in grades K-3 get a ton of new content, plus a more advanced understanding of music through performance in this school-year-schedule program. Every few months, the students will get on stage with their teacher and show off what they’ve learned! Parents get to hear new singalongs, world folk music, and even instrumental hits performed by their own awesome little RockStarter.

Each month brings a new experience, in each of these areas!


Our 24 monthly Themes introduce your children to some new concepts, and expand on the more familiar ones.  Each week, our songs focus learning on 24 different Themes, approaching the concept from different angles.  Our monthly themes range widely, from Feelings to Shapes, from practicing The Alphabet to going on a Safari! Our Showtime! students explore deeper themes, such as Peacekeeping and Responsibility.


Each month, our classes travel to a new destination! The kids take an imaginary musical voyage to each spot on the globe, learning a language, special FUN Facts, and even a song from each one! Maybe we ride the Nile from Kenya to Egypt, or swim the English Channel from France to England - we'll explore a whole lot of the planet in just 2 years!


The third week of each month is Adventure Week!  Our teachers guide students through imaginary scenarios, where they'll have to exercise their imaginations to experience extraordinary situations, such as our Amazon River Ride!  During Friends & Family month, we'll throw a party, as we prepare a big Family Dinner! With no limits, RockStarts' Imagination Adventures allow kids' creativity to shine.


While variety may be the Spice of Life, there's a plus side to repetition, too! Our Littlest students benefit from a familiar Singalong each month, like You Are My Sunshine or Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes, sung nearly every week of the month to help them remember. Our Showtime! students learn to memorize new songs, learning the melodies and lyrics for RockStarts originals!


Every age group gets to learn something new about music! The youngest might learn the basics of rhythm and melody, but our oldest kids are learning syncopation, scales, and more! Lessons include Number Notes, The Musical Alphabet, Pitch vs. Volume, Downbeat & Upbeat, Whole, Half, Quarter & Eighth Notes, and many more!


We dive into the musical experience each month in a couple different ways!  Our "Instrument of the Day" changes with the calendar, bringing a new instrument (usually originating in that month's Destination) to the kiddies for them to play and experiment with!  Some of our most popular instruments are the Violin, Singing Bowl, Accordion, Djembe, and Electric Guitar, but there are plenty of others to discover too!