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RockStarts® classes meet on Tuesday afternoons, 4 times each month (on average).  Once registered, your child will remain enrolled until you contact RockStarts® to withdraw them.

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If you are enrolling multiple children, the younger siblings get the first month FREE! After you checkout (on the following page) for your older child, we'll be in touch to update your enrollment. Please list the name, classroom, and birthdate for each younger child here.
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I understand that the RockStarts® Curriculum averages 4 weeks/month. If the center is closed, classes will not be rescheduled. In the rare occasion that a teacher is absent and a sub is unavailable, that class will be moved to a later month with 5 weeks, or on rarer occasion to a different day of the week. No pro-rations or refunds will be made for student absence or center closings. I do hereby consent and agree that RockStarts® has the right to take photographs and video of my child during classes, if my child's center so permits. These photos and video may be used on the company website, company Facebook pages, and promotional material without compensation, but my child's name and identity will not be revealed. I will notify RockStarts via e-mail at classes@rockstarts.com if I would like my child's images to remain private. I understand my first payment will go through on the date of enrollment, and then automatically on the same date of each month thereafter. I will contact classes@rockstarts.com if I need to alter my payment date or if my child leaves the center. I understand that refunds are not available for late cancellation.
Waiver of Liability *
The RockStarts® Curriculum is active and interactive, and often guides students through large movements including jumping, spinning, running, and gentle tumbling. Although many risks can be avoided, I understand that not all risks can be and release RockStarts® from responsibility for any injury that my child might incur during the course of the classes. In the extremely rare event of a medical emergency, my child's center will follow its own procedures for obtaining medical assistance and I release RockStarts® Atlantic, LLC from any liability or responsibility thereto. In consideration of participation in the RockStarts® weekly classes, on behalf of myself, my family, my heirs, and my assigns, I hereby release RockStarts® Atlantic, LLC, and any of its licensors, agents, contractors, and employees from liability for injury, loss, or death to the above-mentioned participant while using any facility or equipment or in any way associated with participating in the RockStarts® classes now or in the future.